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About Danish Jewellery

The Danish Jewellers' Association is proud to present is the first of its kind in the world representing danish Jewellery design - online. We have the uniqe design, the best quality, the toughest legislation in the precious metals and the environment and can now offer our international customers:

- A unique online shop containing Danish quality jewellery in unique Danish design.
- Danish jewellery design that is quality assured by Jewellers' Association.
- A dynamic site with a wide selection of products which are continuously updated.
- A wide range of brands and products that make it interesting and easy to shop jewellery 1 place on the web.
- All products are presented in high picture quality and relevant product information.
- We have online customer service - with guaranteed customer feedback within 24 hours.
- Our products are delivered right to your door and with full delivery and quality guarantee.

Jewellers' Association is the trade organization for all professional supplier companies working with gold, silver, diamonds, watches and corpus in Denmark.