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Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt

Exquisite jewellery pieces to seduce and excite you - and now you can indulge yourself with a good conscience... At Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt's we offer you jewellery in Fairtrade and Fairmined certified gold and silver

In the late 1990'ies Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt embarked on a personal spiritual journey in search of truth, meaning and identity that guided her to a vibrant new world of possibilities. Committing to an intense exploration of Eastern philosophy, painting, sculpture and artistic self-expression proved to be a life-defining experience. Since 2004 Moltke-Huitfeldt has refined her unique design philosophy and aesthetic language from her workshop in the Danish countryside, surrounded by the kind of idyllic and unspoiled nature that inspires her. Every detail is motivated by a desire to accentuate and respect the natural magnificence of precious jewels. The contours of a rough diamond or a pearl are all part of nature's remarkable story that Moltke-Huitfeldt seeks to honour through her designs. The conclusion is jewellery that is a living celebration of natural matter, crafted to reflect the personality and spirit of those that wear it and own it. In 2012 Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt became Fairtrade certified as the first, and to date only, jeweller in Denmark 2013, Fairmined certified by Alliance for Responsible Mining The certifications makes it possible for us to offer you jewellery from certified mines, stamped with the Fairtrade logo and the Fairmined logo, to secure you transparency from mine to consumer

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