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Conscious Fashion Jewellery GITTE SOEE Denmark. Jewellery in genuine high quality materials. Made with conflict free diamonds and gem stones, 925 sterling silver and 14-18 carat gold. 100% nickel and lead free. Personally designed by Gitte Søe

My childhood in one of Denmark's rural villages was surrounded by beauty. I felt touched by its nature, landscapes and craftsmanship. That simple appreciation grew into a passion for design, which developed into a love for jewellery. I saw the beauty of using the body as a canvas for hue, light and texture. I thought it was a pure and intimate form of self expression. It inspired me. Armed with a desire to start my own company I travelled to India where I learnt their age old production techniques. In time I designed my first collection and GITTE SOEE was born. Now my needs to travel and create are inseparable. My design concepts stem from the experiences I have around the world. I care for the communities that have become the backdrops to my inspiration. As such all our materials are 100% genuine and natural. All our diamonds are conflict-free; sourced from suppliers complying with the Kimberley Process. I started GITTE SOEE wishing to create unique, high quality and ethically made jewellery. Fascinating pieces that demand interest and spark interaction. Art that allows you to be conscious and inspired everyday. Best Regards Gitte Søe

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